Antonov A-02

Année du premier vol
(ou de design, si seul projet)
Designer(s) ANTONOV, Oleg Konstantinovitch
Premier constructeur
Type d'appareil Planeur
Fonction Initiation

Envergure 13.05 m
Longueur 6.23 m
Hauteur 2 m
Surface alaire16.1 m2
Profil aileP-III modifié
Masse à vide160 kg
Masse maxi320 kg
Charge alaire19.8 kg/m2
Vitesse mini50 km/h
Vitesse maxi--
Finesse maxi13.5 à 70 km/h
Taux de chute mini1.2 m/s à 55 km/h
Nb sièges2
StructureBois et toile.

[via Coin de Ciel]
[Planeurs, Sheremetev, 1959]


Nombre total de constructions2300
Infos techniquesLike the A-1, the A-2 was a minimalist primary glider, with a conventional tail mounted on a boom and a strut-braced monoplane wing mounted parasol-fashion. However, while the single-seat primary gliders featured wings of constant chord, the two-seaters used the longer-span, tapered wings that had been developed for the soaring versions of the single-seat family (P-s1 and P-s2). The other major difference was the design of the cockpit gondola.
The single-seaters had featured an aerodynamic fairing that slid on and off to provide access to the pilot's seat. The two seaters, however, had a permanently-fixed cockpit pod that seated the pilot and instructor in tandem, open cockpits, each with a small windscreen. The rear cockpit was located directly beneath the wing and was accessed via a door on the portside of the gondola. Apart from the change in gondola, all other components remained interchangeable with the Ps-2.
Histoire résuméeThe Antonov A-2 and related designs were a family of two-seat training gliders produced in the Soviet Union in the 1930s and 40s, all derived from the single-seat Antonov A-1 family. They were produced in large numbers, with at least 2,300 built by 1937, and together with the single-seaters, production exceeded 7,600 by the same year.
Liens personnalités Pas de personnalité associée.
RemarquesVariantes du A-2 : ("s" pour "serii" (серии)
Uchebnyi (Учебный - "Trainer")
* U-s5 (У-с5)
* U-s6 (У-с6)


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LivresEntsiklopediia Planery Rossii
par KRASILSHCHIKOV, A. P. (2005) [p. 180, 229, 330. Note + photo (US-6) + plan 3 vues + specs].
Planery (Планеры)
par SHEREMETEV, Boris Nikolayevich (1959) [p. 45-64. Construction et plans très détaillés].


Pas de plan ou kit référencé.
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